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About Us

We understand the challenges faced by organizations when it comes to consuming extensive human capital, time and financial resources for ESG initiatives, often without the guarantee of accuracy, timeliness, or repeatability.

That’s where Safeflows comes into play! We provide an intuitive low-code visual interface, empowering users to design and automate business processes effortlessly. Our platform features visual workflows and drag-and-drop tools, eliminating the need for complex coding.



Integrity is the cornerstone of our ESG reporting platform. Safeflows prioritizes delivering trustworthy data with accuracy and reliability, while upholding high ethical standards, avoiding conflicts of interest and maintaining confidentiality. Transparency is a key commitment, achieved through open practices, honest insights and analysis, facilitating informed decision-making​.


Our mission is clear: to champion environmental stewardship by empowering businesses to measure and reduce their ecological footprint, promoting sustainability across all facets of operations. We believe in social responsibility, actively supporting initiatives within our workforce and client base. At the heart of our approach lies sustainable solutions, innovative ESG reporting tools designed to seamlessly integrate sustainability into your core strategies for long-term success.


At Safeflows, we're committed to continuous improvement in ESG reporting. We drive innovation with cutting-edge features and analytical tools, ensuring that we stay ahead of industry trends to provide you with the most comprehensive insights.
Our adaptive solutions are designed to respond to evolving regulatory requirements and client needs, offering flexible ESG reporting solutions that can adapt to any changes. With us, you can trust that you're always equipped to navigate the ever-changing landscape of sustainability with confidence.

Our Co-Founders

We really are a dynamic trio, combining technical and
professional expertise with a knack for innovation.
Strategic Synchronizer
Orchestrating sustainability success, we synchronize strategy and operations, ensuring seamless harmony between business goals and ESG excellence.
Legal Guide
Offering efficient guidance through the labyrinth of legislation and compliance practices, our legal expertise illuminates the path to ESG success, ensuring businesses navigate regulations with clarity and confidence.
Innovation Architect
Designing the future of sustainability tech, our code weaves innovation into every line, constructing a digital landscape where ESG reporting meets boundless possibilities.

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